MP4-encoding MPlayer Scripts

I wrote these scripts to help me convert a large amount of MPEG videos to 352 x 288 (or 352 x 240) AVI format for use on my Sharp Zaurus SL-C860 and iPAQ hx4700. The software that I'm using on the Zaurus is Dr. Z Video Player, and on the hx4700 I am using The Core Pocket Media Player. Because of the hx4700's more powerful CPU and I/O, TCPMP is show many more types of video than the Zaurus, but Dr. Z's is still a very capable player - as long as you keep the videos to a low resolution.

The scripts in the tarball are: <input file> <output AVI file>
Encodes a video to an MP4 (with XviD tag) video at a lower resolution. Edit the script to set the bitrate (default is 300kbps) and scale (default is 'qntsc'). <input file>
Calls mp4encode, writing output files into a destination dir. I used this with 'find' to encode videos from a CD. <input video file>
Runs a video file through mencoder, re-encoding the audio to 22050 Hz, 32kbps - which the Zaurus' Dr. Z can play and the iPAQ's Core Pocket Media Player cannot. <input video file>
Same as, but encodes the audio to mpeg 1 layer 3 instead of mpeg 2 layer 3 (TCPMP can play this).

Download the scripts here.