LambdaMOO 1.8.1

15-Jun-05 (Happy Birthday, Elly!)

What is it?

As described in my blog, "it's what you've been waiting for - a whole virtual world in your pocket!"

It's LambdaMOO, compiled for the Sharp Zaurus. Run it in the background, telnet to it and interact with it. I have compiled two versions: single-user and multi-user. It runs on port 17777 by default. See the main LambdaMOO docs for hints on usage - warning: it's really complicated and extremely versatile - and fun!

Binary .tar.gz package
(This contains two files - md5sums follow:

24c267b25ee640240fe752fee0340307  binaries/moo
a41b592ce842376518b00be4865afe87  binaries/moo.single)

(Corrected an invalid URL here - the LambdaMOO IPK should be retrievable now)
lambdamoo_1_8_1_arm.ipk (installs to /home/QtPalmtop/lambdamoo with symlinks in /home/QtPalmtop/bin; doesn't contain databases, which you can get from the FTP site)

Source code tarball

My local copy of the LambdaMOO Programmers' Manual

Standard disclaimer:

This package is provided without support or warranty, although you are free to email me (brooknet (at) imap (dot) cc) if you wish to discuss it. My comments and changes to the source can be found in the ipk.

Thanks to Anton Maslovsky (implementor of Cacko), the folks at for the SDK and anyone else who is involved in development of apps for the Zaurus - oh, and thanks to everyone else for their interest in this package!

Alex Landa (email to brooknet <at> imap <dot> cc - please anti- obfuscate the email address as appropriate)